Yearly Award Winners

2016-2017 Conference Carolinas Records & Award Winners

2016-17 Joby Hawn (All-Sports) Cup Winner
Overall Winner: TBA
Men's Winner: TBA
Women's Winner: TBA
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2016-17 Messick (Overall Sportsmanship) Award Winner:
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2017 Spring Messick Team Sportsmanship Winners: TBA
Men's Volleyball:


Men's Golf:

Women's Golf:

Men's Lacrosse:

Women's Lacrosse:

Men's Outdoor Track & Field:

Women's Outdoor Track & Field:

Men's Tennis:

Women's Tennis:

2017 Winter Messick Team Sportsmanship Winners: TBA
Women’s Basketball:
Men’s Basketball:
Women’s Indoor Track & Field:
Men’s Indoor Track & Field:

2016 Fall Messick Team Sportsmanship Winners
Women’s Volleyball: Pfeiffer
Women’s Soccer: Belmont Abbey
Women’s Cross Country: Mount Olive
Men’s Cross Country: Belmont Abbey
Men’s Soccer: North Greenville

Alan Sharp Award Winner:
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Murphy Osborne Award Winner: TBA
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Murphy Osborne Award Finalists:
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Athlete of the Year:
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Academic/Scholar Athletes of the Year (by sport):
Women’s Cross Country: Heather Cuddington from Barton College
Women’s Volleyball: Mariana Kedzia from Barton College
Women’s Soccer: Lindsay Curtis from King University
Men’s Cross Country: Adam Craig from University of Mount Olive
Men’s Soccer: Gui Machado from Limestone College
Women's Basketball:
Men's Basketball:
Women's Indoor Track & Field:
Men's Indoor Track & Field:
Women's Tennis: 
Men's Tennis: 
Women's Golf: 
Men's Golf: 
Women's Lacrosse:
Men's Lacrosse:
Women's Track & Field:
Men's Track & Field:
Men's Volleyball:
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**Earned both the "Academic Athlete of the Year" AND the "Athlete of the Year (Offensive or Defensive)" awards in their sport - see complete list at bottom of document.

NCAA Woman of the Year Nominees:
TBA: Link to 2016-17 Press Release
TBA: Link to 2016-17 Press Release

Comback Athlete of the Year:
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SAAC Make-A-Wish Awards: 
16-17 MVP Award Winner:

16-17 Comeback Award Winner:

16-17 Top Play Award Winner:

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Faculty Mentor of the Year: TBA
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All-Student Support Team (New for 2017-18): TBA
Link to 2016-17 Press Release:

All Sportsmanship Award (Starts 2018-19)
Link to Press Release:

2016 Fall Presidential Honor Roll Link 
2017 Spring Presidential Honor Roll Link:
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