King Takes Overall Joby Hawn Cup Lead Following Winter Season Rankings; Abbey Leads Women as Limestone Leads Men

High Point, NC> King College has taken the lead in the Conference Carolinas Joby Hawn Cup with the completion of all the winter sports league championships.  The Hawn Cup is awarded to the league member that shows the highest rating of excellence in conference-sponsored sports.  The Hawn Cup is tallied after each sport season (fall, winter, & spring) and then awarded each year in honor of former Commissioner H.C. "Joby" Hawn for his many years of service to the former Carolinas Conference. 


Conference Carolinas is in its third year of using the format where the Hawn Cup will have a winner for just the women’s sports, a winner for just the men’s sports, and then an overall winner using both the men and women’s combined tallies.  Hawn Cup points are awarded in each sport based on the order of regular season finish with bonus points going to the tournament champion (2 bonus points) and runner-up finisher (1 bonus point), based on the number of participating teams in each sport. 


For the individual women’s cup, Belmont Abbey (.768 rating) retains their Fall lead with King (.759) pulling closer following their women’s indoor track & field title.  Queens (.688) is just ahead of Mount Olive (.652) after the Trojans claimed the women’s basketball championship and moved-up two spots.  Limestone (.616) and Pfeiffer (.615) also both jumped two spots to give the top six teams a close eye on the competition. 


Limestone extended their lead for the individual men’s cup.  After a tight race following the Fall season the Saints now have a seven point advantage with 39 points and a .951 rating over King who stands at 32 points and .780 rating.  King made the most significant move up the rankings, jumping from seventh place all the way to second place with their men’s indoor track & field championship title. Mount Olive (.720) comes in at the third spot followed closely by rival Barton (.646).  Belmont Abbey (.610) also moved from sixth to fifth after winning the men’s basketball championship title this year.


For the overall tally, King (.866 rating) moved-up a spot to take the midway lead but only by a narrow margin over Limestone (.855) who also moved just ahead of Fall leader Belmont Abbey (.791).  Mount Olive (.767) and Barton (.674) are also lurking in the weeds with Queens (.622) and Coker (.564) also within striking distance. Rounding out the schools in order were Erskine .543, Lees-McRae .512, Pfeiffer .507, North Greenville .471, and Converse at .313 respectively.



Link to the FULL 2012-13 Current Joby Hawn Cup Standings:



Conference Carolinas Overall Joby Hawn Cup Winners

2011-12                 Mount Olive College

2010-11                 Queens University of Charlotte

2009-10                 Anderson University

2008-09                 Anderson University
2007-08                 Anderson University


Carolinas-Virginia Athletics Conference Joby Hawn Cup Winners

2006-07                 Anderson University

2005-06                 Pfeiffer University

2004-05                 Barton College

2003-04                 Barton College

2002-03                 Barton College

2001-02                 Lees-McRae College

2000-01                 Queens College

1999-00                 Belmont Abbey College

1998-99                 Belmont Abbey College

1997-98                 Queens College

1995-96                 High Point University


Pre-CVAC Joby Hawn Cup Winners

1994-95                     Pfeiffer

1993-94                     High Point

1992-93                     St. Andrews

1991-92                     Pembroke

1990-91                      Pfeiffer

1989-90                     High Point

1988-89                      Pembroke

1987-88                      Elon

1986-87                     Elon

1985-86                     High Point

1984-85                     High Point

1983-84                     Pembroke

1982-83                     Guilford

1981-82                     Elon

1980-81                     Elon

1979-80                     High Point, Elon

1978-79                     High Point

1977-78                     High Point

1976-77                     High Point

1975-76                     High Point


Conference Carolinas Individual Men’s & Women’s Joby Hawn Cup Winners (started in 2010-11)

2011-12                       Women: Mount Olive                   Men: Mount Olive              

2010-11                       Women: Queens                            Men: Queens