G. Joby Hawn Cup


The Joby Hawn Cup is awarded annually to recognize excellence in all conference sports in honor of former commissioner H.C. "Joby" Hawn for his many years of dedicated service to the Carolinas Conference. It is an award to be coveted. Points are awarded in each sport for first through last place finish with the number of first place points being equal to the number of member and affiliate institutions participating in that sport. Second place teams receive one less point than the first team, third place receive two less than the first place team and on down to last place.

Affiliate members, while not competing in the cup competition, will have standings points allocated. Thus, a member finishing in the standings immediately in front of an affiliate member receives two points more than the member finishing immediately after the affiliate member, assuming there were no ties involved.

The method of determining points in each sport is as follows:

TEAM SPORTS (Women's Soccer, Men's soccer, Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Women's Tennis, Men's Tennis, Men's Lacrosse, Women's Lacrosse.)

Order of finish to be determined as follows: First through last place is determined by final regular season standings plus bonus points equal to 50% of the number of participating member and affiliates as declared sponsored at the beginning of the academic year. Should a member or affiliate be unable to start or complete the regular season the maximum point total for the sport will not change, the member will receive 0 Hawn Cup points and all contests involving the team will be removed from Hawn Cup standings computation.

INDIVIDUAL SPORTS (Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Women's Cross Country, Men's Cross Country, Men's Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field, Women's Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field.)

Order of finish will be determined by the results of the Conference tournament/meet. . Should a member or affiliate be unable to participate in the tournament/meet the maximum point total for the sport will not change, and the member will receive 0 Hawn Cup points.