Sports Information Policy

Coaches Group:

Required Off Season Meeting/Call Date: Tues. 8/7/18 -10am at Limestone
Link to: Coaches Group Procedures and Requirements 
Link to: Sport Chair Report Form

Sports Information Group Chairperson: Travis Chell, King 
Sports Information Group Secretary: (School rotation)
Athletic Director Liason: Paul Lyon, BAC

Sports Information Organization

  1. A Chair and Secretary be voted on annually by group members.
  2. The sports information group meets annually (August) & via conference call if needed
  3. An agenda be solicited and subsequently distributed prior to the group meetings
  4. Minutes/Report from the meeting be submitted to the Athletic Directors from group chairperson

A sports information director is required at each institution to meet the needs of the school, conference, and the NCAA. These responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Filing and updating weekly reports on scheduled due dates to meet institutional, conference, and NCAA deadlines

  1. Include updated record & schedule changes (cancellations, postponements, etc).
  2. Include weekly notes
  3. Include player of the week information (if applicable)

Filing updated statistics to meet institutional, conference, and NCAA scheduled due date deadlines.

Report game results on a timely basis (via internet score reporting after each contest)

Distribution of All-Conference Nomination and Ballot information as set forth by each sport committee and conference office.

  1. Circulating/posting sport schedules, cancellations, reschedules, etc.
  2. Distribution of preseason information, polls, previews, voting, etc.
  3. Circulation of media release information
  4. Circulating/posting of current roster information
  5. Distribution of current statistical information

Updated distribution of information for needs pertaining to conference requirements & other schools informational needs.

Report updated end of year statistics to archive records for institutional, conference, & NCAA historical value.

Each host institution of a conference tournament would:

  1. Provide adequate staff/volunteers to facilitate successful media objectives
  2. Post a tournament website that would include immediate results and media release (1-2 paragraphs) information on the game results and tournament details, All-tourney teams, etc. (The Website could also include tournament brackets, results/box scores, in-depth game notes/stories, all-tournament teams, periodic updates/live scoring and social media updates.) The tournament website would serve as the primary outlet to ALL participating schools media, fans, students, and administration, for information that would eliminate dated fax or phone call procedures.

SID Player of the Week Voting Guidelines

  • 1. Be as UNBIASED as possible when ranking your selections.
  • 2. Take emphasis on the additional information provided for the write-up (want POTW's that are media worthy and if cannot write up anything for your nominee it shows that they may not be the most deserving).
  • 3. What kind of week did the team have, and how good were its opponents? Emphasize conference games over non-conf. unless non-conf. teams are nationally/regionally ranked.
  • 4. How does the player's ENTIRE stat line look like for the week? (For example basketball is more than just scoring and rebounding, so be sure to check shooting percentages as big difference between 20 points on 12 shots and 20 points on 25 shots. Each sport has its own intricacies which should be considered).
  • 5. Did the player do something extraordinary...set a personal, team, league or NCAA record?