2014-2015 Conference Carolinas Records & Award Winners

2014-15 Joby Hawn (All-Sports) Cup Winner
Overall Winner: Limestone
Men's Winner: Mount Olive
Women's Winner: Limestone
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2014-15 Messick (Overall Sportsmanship) Award Winner: King University
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2015 Spring Mini-Messick (Team Sportsmanship) Winners:
Men's Volleyball: King University
King University
King University
Men's Golf:
North Greenville University
Women's Golf:
North Greenville University
Men's Lacrosse:
Belmont Abbey College
Women's Lacrosse:
 Limestone College
Men's Outdoor Track & Field:
Belmont Abby College
Women's Outdoor Track & Field:
University of Mount Olive
Men's Tennis:
King University
Women's Tennis:
Erskine College

2015 Winter Mini-Messick (Team Sportsmanship) Winners:
Women’s Basketball: King University
Men’s Basketball: King University
Women’s Indoor Track & Field: Lees-McRae
Men’s Indoor Track & Field: King University

2014 Fall Mini-Messick (Team Sportsmanship) Winners:
Women’s Volleyball: Belmont Abbey College
Women’s Soccer: King University
Women’s Cross Country: Belmont Abbey College
Men’s Cross Country: Belmont Abbey College
Men’s Soccer: North Greenville University

Alan Sharp Award Winner:
 Barton College
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Murphy Osborne Award Winner:
Francesca Ceppi of the University of Mount Olive
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Murphy Osborne Award Finalists:
Brianna Thomas of Barton College
Nicolas Obermayer of Belmont Abbey College
Hanlon Maivelett of Erskine College
Summer Kremer of King University
Nicole Eno of Limestone College
Francesca Ceppi of the University of Mount Olive
Lukas Janes of Pfeiffer University
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Athlete of the Year:
Female: Alicia Brookins, Limestone
Male: Kevin Reisman, Limestone
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Academic/Scholar Athletes of the Year (by sport):
Women’s Cross Country: Ashly Sutherland, Converse
Women’s Volleyball: Payton Tipton, King
Women’s Soccer: **Gabriella Reid, Limestone
Men’s Cross Country: Akiharu Kitagawa, Mount Olive
Men’s Soccer: Erik Pajunk, Barton
Women's Basketball: Chelsea Bowling, King
Men's Basketball: Logan Lyle, King
Women's Indoor Track & Field: Lucy Schmitz, Belmont Abbey
Men's Indoor Track & Field: Jonathon Williams, North Greenville
Baseball: Alex Martin, King
Softball: Beth Overman, Mount Olive
Women's Tennis: Francesca Ceppi, Mount Olive
Men's Tennis: Edgar Bub, Mount Olive
Women's Golf: Elizabeth Swallow, King
Men's Golf: Tucker MacDonald, North Greenville
Women's Lacrosse: Katy Connery, Belmont Abbey
Men's Lacrosse: **Reid Reinholdt, Limestone
Women's Track & Field: Qwaneshia Matthews, Limestone
Men's Track & Field:Steven Sanchez, Limestone
Men's Volleyball: David Specian, Pfeiffer
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**Earned both the "Academic Athlete of the Year" AND the "Athlete of the Year (Offensive or Defensive)" awards in their sport - see complete list at bottom of document.

NCAA Woman of the Year Nominees: 
Francesca Ceppi of the University of Mount Olive
Nicole Eno, Limestone College
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Comback Athlete of the Year: Nolan Albrecht, Belmont Abbey
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SAAC Make-A-Wish Awards: (use prior year results)
13-14 MVP Award Winner:
The University of Mount Olive collected a grand total of
$3,200 during the 2013-2014 academic year.
13-14 Comeback Award Winner: 
Belmont Abbey College collected $788.26 more
than what they collected during the 2012-2013 academic year.
13-14 Top Play Award Winner: 
Converse College collected $616 at their T-Shirt
Sale event.
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Faculty Mentor of the Year: N/A (no 2014-15 nominees)
Link to 2014-15 Press Release: N/A


2014 Fall Presidential Honor Roll Link - 1/15/14 
2015 Spring Presidential Honor Roll Link - 6/22/15

United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA) MLAX National Player of the Year: (Lt. Raymond J. Enners Award Winner as the Most Outstanding Player in NCAA Division II): Kevin Reisman, Limestone College






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