E. Job Descriptions


(By vote 5/17/02)

Commissioner Duties

The commissioner:

1. Shall clearly define, understand, and adjudicate NCAA rules and regulations. Those rules and regulations would be implemented in a fair and timely manner.

The commissioner shall:

• serve as the chief administrative officer of the Conference.

• have the responsibility of interpreting and enforcing all rules and regulations of the NCAA and the Conference Carolinas. This responsibility shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, broad discretionary powers to supervise investigations, hold hearings and impose temporary or permanent measures against member institutions, their personnel and students for conduct judged to be in violation of the spirit as well as the letter of Conference Bylaws.

• receive, review and maintain the required compliance documents as needed by the Conference office.

• promote the need for active institutional personnel participation in conference meetings.

2. Will be well known outside the conference as well as within, and thereby maintain a full public relations function including various media outlets.

The commissioner will:

• be an active member of NACDA and the NCAA Division II Commissioner’s Association.

• be active in the legislative process in the NCAA on behalf of the conference and serve on national committees and other policy groups.

• work with Service Bureau Director to coordinate the reporting and distribution of statistics to the conference members and file required statistical reports to the NCAA.

3. Will see that the Conference is well sponsored through fundraising and corporate support activities, particularly to help with post-season tournament play. The commissioner will:

• create and sell sponsorship opportunities to further enhance the financial position of the conference.

• seek to secure sponsorships for conference tournaments and work with sponsoring groups to insure that they are in compliance with Conference Carolinas and NCAA rules.

4. Will exhibit timely response to member needs and issues. The commissioner will:

• in cooperation with the Chair of FARs, ADs, SWAs issue the call for meetings, make arrangements for the meetings of these groups and be responsible for the publications and distribution of all minutes setting forth actions by these groups.

• provide or facilitate educational meetings, clinics and workshops to promote rules compliance and to share ideas among member institutions.

• formulate and distribute annual bylaw revisions to all members. Give official interpretations of the conference rules and regulations as needed.

5. Will see that the Conference is known for high sportsmanship ideals and would

develop a culture of high sportsmanship. The commissioner will:

• promote sportsmanship among all athletic personnel in the Conference Carolinas.

• conduct continuing educational programs to promote the development of better sportsmanship.

6. Will see that the Conference is well run financially, exhibiting balanced budgets, surpluses, reserves and the efficient use of resources. The home office would be well managed to achieve both financial efficiency and effectiveness of goal attainment.

The commissioner will:

• prepare and distribute conference budget for approval by the Presidents of the member institutions.

• initiate and formulate for the Conference Carolinas income producing and cost saving projects.

• maintain all Conference bank accounts, financial records, and expenses.

• have responsibility for all required federal and state tax documents for the Conference office.

7. Will along with other employees be visible at league events and games throughout the year. -

The commissioner will:

• visit each Conference school at least once each year to inquire into and observe the operation of its intercollegiate program.

• serve as on-site tournament director for men’s and women’s basketball tournament.

8. Will strive for innovation and creativity in conference events and management. The commissioner will:

• provide students with an enjoyable and productive experience in tournament play and at awards events and banquets.

• purchase awards and trophies awarded by the Conference.

9. Will employ well-trained and respected game officials and maintain a system for evaluating and grading game officials.

The commissioner will:

• through the conference supervisor of officials, appoint game officials for all Conference games between member institutions.

• work with conference supervisor of officials to improve professionalism and performance of game officials.

10. Will seek to create a conference known for its academic programs as well as its athletic success, and in conjunction with the FAR’s, develop programs that will promote academic achievement among Conference Carolinas student-athletes.


Service Bureau Director

The duties of the Service Bureau Director are to:

  1. Obtain, consolidate and distribute weekly reports and/or notes and rankings in all conference sports.
  2. Report conference statistics to local and national statistical services.
  3. Select a "Player of the Week" in those sports whose coaches vote to recognize such a player.
  4. Collect from the coaches, nominees for all-conference teams, send out and count the ballots, and distribute a news release on the all-conference selections as directed by the chairs of the conference coaches' committees.
  5. Hold workshops for the Sport Information Directors of the conference members on statistics, conference reports, and other areas of mutual interest.
  6. Publish and distribute a media brochure that shall feature men's and women's basketball and include other pertinent information on the various member schools' athletic programs and on the conference's overall program.
  7. Have printed and distribute certificates for All-Conference teams, Players of the Week, All-Tournament teams, and other such honors that shall be designated by the Conference.
  8. Administer and publicize the selection of male athlete of the year, female athlete of the year, the Joby Hawn Trophy and the Messick Award.
  9. Serve as media director and/or statistician at tournaments designated by the Commissioner.
  10. Release to the news media information from the conference business meetings and other such information leading to greater awareness of the conference.
  11. Perform other such duties as designated by the Commissioner.

Supervisor of Officials

The duties of the Supervisor of Officials are to:

  1. Establish a booking office for officials for all Conference sports.
  2. Hear protests lodged by Athletic Directors of Conference contests.
  3. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Booking Office Committee.
  4. Cause to have distributed to each athletic director and head coach a schedule of officials assigned to home games of all Conference sports at least two weeks in advance of scheduled contests.
  5. Attend all regular Conference meetings and others as requested by the Commissioner.
  6. Report regularly to the Commissioner

Conference Eligibility Director

The duties of the Conference Eligibility Director are to:

  1. Receive, review and maintain files of all member forms submitted to the NCAA.
  2. Receive all Commissioner's copies of the National Letter of Intent
  3. Administer through the Faculty Athletics Representatives the NCAA coaches certification program.
  4. Administer the confidential financial aid report program of the Conference.
  5. Attend meetings which aid member personnel in better understanding and implementing the above listed programs.
  6. Perform other such duties as designated by the Commissioner.