Coaches Group:

Required Preseason Conference Call Date: Tues. 8/21/18 -11am
Required All-Conference Meeting/Call Date: Mon. Nov. 5 -10am
Required Off Season Meeting/Call Date: 1/8/19 - 9:30am
Link to: Coaches Group Procedures and Requirements 
Link to: Sport Chair Report Form

Women's Committee Chairperson: Jeff Lenox, Barton
Athletic Director Liason: Sheila Crocket, King

2018 Championship Dates:

Final date of league regular season play: Saturday Nov. 3 2018
(Per AD Policy: All conference games -including any rescheduled games- must be completed by the Saturday prior to that sport's conference championship.)

Tuesday, November 6th, Saturday, November 10th, and Sunday, November 11th 2018

All games: Quarterfinals at higher seeds; Semis & Finals at highest overall remaining seed (one locale for Final Four).

Quarterfinals: 6:30PM
Awards Lunch: Sat., 1 PM with Semis: 5:00PM & 7:30PM
Finals: 3:00PM Sunday
NOTE: In the event the highest seed is unable to host the WVB championship due to the unavailability of their campus playing venue, the championship would be hosted by the next highest remaining seed (5/20/14).

Note: In 'Final Four' championships being hosted by the top seed, that top seed has the opportunity to select their game time.  Because the school is hosting a championship on the basis of earning the highest seed, that school can select which of the established semifinal game times that they prefer; the conference office will reach out to potential highest seeds early, at least by beginning of the conference championship, to establish the schedule. Host should help provide meeting space/rooms to accomodate resting, studying, hanging-out for visiting tournament teams. The "Final Four" host school should supply reasonable officials accommodations cost (ie: hotel expense) from the current championships sport budget (10/6/16).

2018 Coaches All-Conference
Nominations Due: Wednesday, Oct. 31- 12noon
Nomination Conference Call: Mon. Nov. 5 -10am
Ballots Due Conference Call: Tue. Nov. 6 -10am

Method: All league matches will count toward tournament seeding; consisting of double round robin for in division play and single play for opposite division. Conference matches must be completed no later than Saturday prior to the start of the conference tourney. Line judges determined by an independent assigner are required during conference matches. It is preferred that a single assigner be used for primary officials and line judges (2/13).

2017 & 2018 Approved Schedule (10.7.16) (2019 & 2020 are N/A in these schedules b/c of addition of Chowan, but see below)
(Note: Schedules can be changed with AD approval from both institutions)
With Chowan becoming a member starting in the 2019 season, there will be a new future 2019 schedule. For 2017/18 there is a current oddity that teams will play through for 2018 that will be corrected for 2019.  The oddity is because of the unbalanced number of teams in 2017 & 2018 which means that BAC had "Open" as a travel partner for 2017 & KU for 2018. Going into the 17/18 schedule this was a NEGATIVE, because it meant BAC would have to travel to ER & EM (while Conv & LC travel to BAC) two consecutive years and KU similarly with travel to Conv & LC (while EM & ER travel to KU) again for two consecutive years; BUT POSITIVELY by switching each year BAC & KU (or future teams) would not have the competitive disadvantage of always having to play someone on a Saturday who was rested and didn't play Friday (which BAC did in 2017 & KU does in 2018). If we had tried to change it to fix before 2018 it would incur the same problem again in the future for 2019 (even with the new schedule when Chowan would join) and would also create another problem on the back-end with KU. In essence we'd be fixing a problem for that year that would cause two problems the following year. 
WVB Schedule: 2019 & 2020 (2021 & 2022 not approved as of yet)   (5/21/18)

Tournament Format: Eight-team single elimination tourney.  Four quarterfinals games will be played Tuesday followed by two semifinal games Saturday and the championship game Sunday. In conference championships (soccer, vb, basketball) where the the host institution is the top seed, they are allowed to determine  when they will
play (1st or 2nd) in the semifinal games (2/3/15). In the event of a weather shortened tournament the highest seeded team remaining in the tournament becomes the conference champion receiving the automatic NCAA bid.  When the winning team is not eligible for automatic qualification the runner up team receives the automatic qualification.

Note during league basketball interconference challenge events (usually first basketball weekend of season), there is a potential conflict with the leagues WVB Championships since both fall on the same weekend. WVB has changed there championship dates to more easily accomodate these events moving from Fri/Sat to Sat/Sun, but ALL WVB championship game times will take precedent with Saturday semifinals scheduled for 5:00pm & 7:30pm and Sunday's final at 3:00pm. Basketball game times will be scheduled with discretion by the host earlier in the day as not to conflict with the WVB championship times.

Divisional Play:

2019 & Beyond: Upon the addition of Chowan as a participating member, the revised alignment will be: 

   East:  BC, BAC, CH, Conv, LC, UMO

   West: EM, ER, LMC, KU, NGU, SWU

2018 & Prior: Past divisions were:

   North:  BC, BAC, KU, LMC, UMO

   South:  Conv, EM, ER, LC, NGU, SWU



IF DIVISIONAL PLAY: The top seeded division winner is the team with the highest conference winning percentage.  Ties based on overall conference winning percentage within each division will be broken in the following manner: 1) Head to head results during the regular season; 2) Head to head sets won; 3) record against divisional opponents not involved in the tie working down from #1; 4) record against opposite division opponents working down from #1, 5) Set win/loss percent in conference; 6) Point differential between or among tied teams; 7) Total conference point differential; 8) random selection by Commissioner  (note that in a multi-member tie requiring random selection, the random selection is for the highest seed among the tied teams and then returning to the start of the tie breaking procedure for the remaining teams).

* In the all of the above situations, when three or more teams tying; after determining the highest seeded team, the tie breaking procedure reverts back to the start of the tie breaking procedure to seed the next team. This process continues until all tied teams have been seeded.
*In the event that there are two equal seeds tied for the opportunity to host the semifinal/finals, the host will be determined by the following tiebreaker:
1) best overall conference record
2) head-to-head match-up winner

For seeding purposes starting 2017: (per EM & SWU continued success through NCAA membership process): Four teams from each division will qualify for tournament play -2/2/16. (4 out of 5 North teams & 4 out of 6 South teams).

For seeding purposes starting 2019: Four teams from each division will qualify for tournament play. (4 out of 6 East teams & 4 out of 6 West teams).


Multiple Sport Policies: Link to League Mutiple Sport Policy

Media Policy Regarding Officials: Link to Media Policy

Delay of Game Policy: Link to Delayed Game Policy

Line-Up Submission Policy: Link to Line-Up Submission Policy

Visiting Team Expectations: Link to Visiting Team Expectations

Admissions Policy: Any sport in which there is an admissions charge, members students with valid ID to be admitted free (except rented facilities off campus). Passed 8-11-04.

Ejection Policy: When a player or team party member is ejected both the team's coach and (if a league opponent) the opposing coach are to notify their Athletic Director upon completion of the contest.  The  Athletic Director will immediately notify the conference office and subsequently complete and submit to the league office the Ejection Report Form found on the web. The conference office will notify each member president immediately when notified of an ejection.

A coach ejected for an "unsporting act" will be cautioned by the institution’s Athletic Director or immediate superior in a form provided by league. Copies of cautions and suspensions will be provided to the institution’s President, FAR, the Supervisor of Officials and the Commissioner. A second ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next match suspension. A third ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next two match suspension. End of year suspensions will be carried forward to the next year.
Ejected coaches must leave sight of the playing field/floor when ejected. If the ejected coach does not comply in a timely manner, the match is forfeited.

Volleyball Policy:  The Molten USA IV58L-N Super Touch Volleyball is required for conference and tournament play and provided by the host team. The home team shall provide practice balls for the visiting team. All league matches are 3 of 5 games. Selection of a tournament MVP and All Tournament team (6 members) are designated by coaches . MVP plus two others are from championship team, two players from runner up and 1 player each from the semifinalist teams. Members agree to admit opponents students, with student ID, without charge (8/11/04). Statistics must be kept congruent to NCAA guidelines. All institutions will provide in-game play-by-play statistics (5/21/13). League members will not provide game tapes or verbal scouting reports to non-conference opponents (8/28/08).

Coaches voted for a  new warm-up protocol (9/1/15). Linked here is the NCAA warm-up protocol schedule that the league will use. 

Coaches also voted to retain the current 75 second timeout allotment for conference matches (9/2/14).


Film exchange parameters for ALL schools/coaches who will use "Hudl/Volleymetrics" film exchange (starting for the 2017 season). 

"Hudl/Volleymetris" Policies (8/17)

Tape Exchange Policy

  • Per coaches vote with AD approval, all schools are required to us 'Hudl/VolleyMetrics' for their exchange provider (3 year contract for 2017, 18, 19). Each school will be billed- per their individual agreements (with or without cameras included)- by Hudl/VolleyMetrics. 
  • ALL matches are required to be uploaded to Hudl/Volleymetrics. Friday night and Saturday conference matches must be uploaded by 11:59pm that night. Midweek matches are to be uploaded by 12pm the following day. Out of conference weekend tournament matches must be uploaded by the following Monday by 11:59pm. (8/21/18)
  • Home teams are responsible for uploading the games (& scoresheets)
  • All uploads must include sound
  • Tapes, CDs, game files, and verbal scouting reports, etc. may not be shared with out-of-conference opponents
  • Elevated end line views or corner views should be used for filming.
  • WVB does not have a fine/lock-out involved if film is not uploaded, although the Commissioner will discuss/report with
    a coach/AD individually if it has been reported that they have not uploaded film, nor has communicated with other
    coaches in the conference.

Hudl/VolleyMetrics Current Rules for MVB Open Exchange (coaches should combine/edit with above to incorporate).

  • Video and scoresheets need to be uploaded by 11.59pm the day the match is played
  • Matches vs international teams are to be uploaded
  • Matches vs club or professional teams are NOT to be uploaded
  • Only matches from the competition season are required to be uploaded to the VolleyMetrics server
  • As soon as a team plays, they are unable to access any video on opponents until video and scoresheets for all of their matches are uploaded to the Hudl/VolleyMetrics servers (this doesn't apply to teams on the road).


All Conference Team: Each team through their SID may nominate players (2/11/04) for all-conference consideration including Player of the Year nominee and Freshman of the Year nominees. All nominations received by the Service Bureau Director prior to the stated deadline will be returned to member SIDs. First, second, and third teams of 7 (5 position, 1 setter, 1 libero) will be selected for the all-conference teams. All Conference information will only include conference statistics to be included in the All Conference nomination information. 

The Volleyball All-Conf. Team will be selected by nomination & ballot via email submission.  All sport coaches that nominate & vote All-Conference Teams via email/online procedure through the conference office (as opposed to meeting in person), will be required to attend a conference call following nominations/rankings (set up by the conference office).  Coaches will rank players for teams based on an approved coaches excel document vote ranking sent by the coaches group.

Nominations will be categorized as "positon players" (5 per team), "liberos" (1 per team), and "setters" (1 per team) as each All-Conf. team will be 7 total reps.  Athletes can ONLY be nominated in ONE of the three categories.  (Exp.: A coach can nominate a setter in the position player category at their discretion, but can not nominate in both categories.)

Offensive Player of the Year: Each league member will vote for three players excluding their own, in rank order. Ballots will be sent to and received from SIDs and the winner will be named Offensive Player of the Year. Ties will be broken by greatest number of 1) first place votes, 2) 2ed place votes, 3) 3rd place votes. Note: The Offensive Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year CAN NOT be nominated for or win both awards.

Defensive Player of the Year: Each league member will vote for three players excluding their own, in rank order. Ballots will be sent to and received from SIDs and the winner will be named Defensive Player of the Year. Ties will be broken by greatest number of 1) first place votes, 2) 2ed place votes, 3) 3rd place votes. Note: The Offensive Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year CAN NOT be nominated for or win both awards.

Coach of the Year: The top vote getter of league members using the same procedure and time frame as Player of the Year.

Freshman of the Year: The top freshman vote-getter of the members using the same procedure and time frame as Player of the Year.

FOTY Qualifications: (approved 10/5/18 to start 1/1/19)
(Fall Sports for 2018 will continue to follow the past policy of "True Freshmen" Only)

  1. Student-athlete should qualify only if this is the first collegiate institution they have attended.
  2. It is the student-athletes first year of competition. (Academic sophmores/redshirt freshmen are eligible, as long as took redshirt at same member school.) 
  3. The student-athlete is not applicable for any transfer exceptions. (Exp. Student transfers from a school but didn't play a sport, still not eligible for award.)
  4. Nominators have the responsibility to make sure all qualifications are met. 

All Tournament: Coaches will select the all tournament team as follows: 1st place-MVP + 2 All Tournament, 2ed-2 All Tournament, 3rd & 4th-1 All Tournament each.

Student Sportsmanship Pledge Form & Link (Reminder to be signed by each student athlete during preseason and filed in schools athletic department) 


*The NCAA now puts out a yearly Volleyball Statisticians' Manual, which has an in-depth explanation of all stats. Conference statistics will be kept and published weekly in both individual and team categories. The following statistics need to be kept: Hitting percentage, Assists, Kills, Aces, Blocks and Digs. Other categories are optional. Questions about statistical guidelines should be answered by member SID or referred to Conference Chairperson.



AD Passed Proposal 9/12/13-
Due to the fall sports festival in 2014, the season has been shortened by one week, so in order to maximize regular season scheduling the conference championship will be compressed to one week in order to provide best opportunities for travel, rest, and class attendance.