Visiting Team Expectations


  • Other than for informational purposes (number of fouls, time outs, substitutions, etc.), coaches should direct comments and concerns to the officials and not to game management personnel, such as scorekeepers, announcers, clock operators, etc.


  • Leave locker room as it was found and return any keys to host personnel.
  • If allowed to use a classroom, remember that it’s a classroom first. Dispose of any trash, put chairs, tables and desks back in order.
  • Police the bench area. Dispose of all paper cups and other trash.
  • If a team is being allowed practice time at the host facility, refrain from excessive noise and inappropriate language, especially if classes are taking place in that facility at that time.
  • Inform host personnel prior to the contest if the team will need to shower afterwards. Much easier to say your team plans to shower and decide not to than to say your team doesn’t plan to shower, and then require host personnel to accommodate a last-minute request.
  • If the visiting coach needs to have an extended heart-to-heart post-game team meeting, keep it brief at the host facility and save the rest for the ride home where there will be plenty of time to fill. In most cases, host personnel may not leave the facility until the visiting team has left.