Conference Carolinas Student-Athlete Pledge of Sportsmanship Form

(To be completed annually prior to the first contest & to be kept on file in the Athletic Director’s office)

As a Conference Carolinas student-athlete, I understand that the use of inappropriate language, taunting, baiting or the use of unwarranted physical contact, directed at opposing players, coaches, or fans is contrary to the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship the conference expects of its members.

I understand that any unsportsmanlike action during the course of a contest may result in immediate penalty assessed to my team or me.  Furthermore, I understand that game officials have been instructed that they may assess such penalties without prior warning.  In signing this form I pledge my efforts to promote Conference Carolinas sportsmanship policies.

Sport _______________________________       

Date ____________

My signature certifies that I have read and will make every effort to meet the Conference Carolinas Student-Athlete Pledge of Sportsmanship